Why Maritime Academy Ltd.?

Maritime Academy Ltd. is the only school in the world training specialists in the offshore sector: IBC Managers and Lawyers. Dominica is one of the best offshore jurisdictions in the world where it is possible to register offshore companies, banks, insurance companies, ships and yachts. We train Managers who will be able to correctly operate an offshore company (IBC). We also train Lawyers who will be able to register offshore companies, banks, insurance companies, ships and yachts.

For Yachtsmen, Maritime Academy Ltd. not only provides yachting training and qualifications but also very important guidance on the formalities and regulations of operating, owning and maintaining a yacht.

It is common opinion that offshore business is illegal and involves lawless "pirate islands". In reality, offshore jurisdictions are more regulated than any other jurisdictions in the world making illegal transactions very difficult. Now in the era of globalization, people can choose the jurisdiction where they incorporate their company which also means they can choose where they pay taxes. This freedom makes some governments angry who traditionally "milk" their citizens through taxation. However, there exists in the world many small countries who don't have a wide range of resources to support a vibrant economy and therefore rely heavily on tourism and offshore business to survive. Offshore companies (companies registered in offshore jurisdictions) pay a fixed tax regardless of income. We believe that this leads to a more honest fiscal system since, in offshore companies, accounting tends to be transparent because tax is fixed. Having an offshore company encourages honest, transparent accounting and business activity.

For Christians who are interested in being missionaries, we offer missionary-yachtsman training. We are missionary-yachtsmen and train born-again Christians to be self-financed missionary-yachtsmen too. A sailing yacht can serve as a tool for sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom, business (yacht charter), free accommodation and free transport.

Alternatively, if the Holy Spirit is not leading you to be a yachtsman, we can help you to become self-employed in the country He is sending you to.
Self-employment training can be completed online.

We don't teach any Biblical doctrines (you must already be born-again and spiritually mature enough in your relationship with Jesus). We only impart professional skills as well as technical and legal knowledge. Our training base is situated in Asia. We are also focused on sharing the Good News of the Kingdom in Asia but can train missionary-yachtsmen and missionary-businessmen for other regions. May God the Father cause you to produce lasting fruit for His Glory!