Introduction to Yachting and Academic Courses

Maritime Academy Ltd. currently provides training in the following courses:

(1) Foundation Course

(2) Offshore Business Administration Seminar

(3) International Business Company Management

(4) Maritime and Corporate Laws

(5) Day Skipper (Sailing Yachts)

(6) Yacht Master Coastal (Sailing Yachts)

(7) GMDSS Restricted Operator (VHF)

We are flexible in our means and methods of teaching. We are also passionate about equipping you to be a job creator rather than a job seeker, so our aim is for you to begin working while completing a course. Come with a healthy dose of initiative! Willingness to immediately put what you learn into practice will bring the greatest results. We are happy to share personal experiences and advice before, during or after your study with Maritime Academy.

For detailed course descriptions, syllabuses and requirements, please select your subject area of interest.


(1) Foundation Course - US$500

(2) Offshore Business Administration Seminar - US$100

(3) International Business Company Management - US$500

(4) Maritime and Corporate Laws - US$500

(5) Day Skipper (Sailing Yachts) - US$500

(6) Yacht Master Coastal (Sailing Yachts) - US$500

(7) GMDSS Restricted Operator (VHF) - fee included in Day Skipper and Yacht Master Coastal Courses

Our tuition fees are low to make our training easily accessible to anyone who desires to start a new business and be self-employed without incurring debt from an expensive education programme.

Foundation Course

The Foundation Course at Maritime Academy provides preparatory tutelage for more advanced courses. It also supplements any weaknesses in secondary level education. Course Duration: 1 month~6 months Tuition Fee: US$500 COURSE OBJECTIVES 1. To prepare for tertiary level education 2. To expose oneself to a wide range of subject areas before specialization 3. To compensate for weaknesses in basic knowledge COMPULSORY TOPICS I. English II. Mathematics III. Geography IV. World History V. Seamanship (Theory and/or Practical) VI. Offshore Business Management ELECTIVE FOREIGN LANGUAGES 1. Russian 2. French 3. Japanese 4. Mandarin 5. German 6. Catalan METHOD OF INSTRUCTION ONLINE – lessons and assessments sent by e-mail; regular correspondence through e-mail or LINE OFFLINE – Seamanship practical lessons aboard Maritime Academy’s sailing yacht ASSESSMENT Coursework – 50% Business Plan – 25% Passage Plan – 25% PRE-COURSE REQUIREMENTS English Language Ability

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Offshore Business Administration Seminar

Offshore Business Administration Seminar General introduction to the Offshore Sector in the form of free, small group discussion. Course Duration: 1 day Tuition Fee: US$100 Tentative Locations of Seminars: Hong Kong Macao Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen Jakarta Kuala Lumpur Phuket Labuan Taipei Tainan Jeju (South Korea) Lecturers: Sergiy Yanchyshyn, LLD – Assistant Deputy Maritime Administrator of the Commonwealth of Dominica Tirzah Yanchyshyn, MBA – Director of Maritime Academy Ltd. (Dominica)

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IBC Management

International Business Company Management This is an online program for training managers to operate International Business Companies (Offshore Companies). COURSE OBJECTIVES 1) Establishing new businesses 2) Establishing new jobs Course Duration: 1 month Tuition Fee: US$500

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Maritime & Corporate Laws

Maritime and Corporate Laws This is an online program for training lawyers who will be competent in registration of Ships, Yachts, Offshore Companies (IBC), Offshore Banks and Offshore Insurance Companies. COURSE OBJECTIVES 1) Improving competency of lawyers in the Offshore Sector 2) Establishing new businesses Course Duration: 1 month. Tuition Fee: US$500.

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Day Skipper (Sailing Yachts)

Day Skipper Course - a comprehensive introduction to chart work, navigation, meteorology and the basics of seamanship. The syllabus content is below. Course Duration: 1 month Tuition Fee: US$500 Pre-course requirements: minimum age 16 years or older

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Yacht Master Coastal (Sailing Yachts)

Yacht Master Coastal Course - an advanced course in navigation and meteorology. The syllabus makes some provision for the revision of subjects in the Day Skipper course but those who have not acquired the knowledge set out in the Day Skipper course are unlikely to be able to assimilate all subjects covered in this advanced course in the time available. Course Duration: 1 month Tuition Fee: US$500 Pre-course requirements: (1) Minimum age 16 years or older (2) Mastery of Day Skipper level theory and practical experience (3) 15 days sea time (2 days as skipper); 300 miles; 8 night hours

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GMDSS Restricted Operator (VHF)

GMDSS Restricted Operator Course - to operate VHF radio station with DSC in A1 area. The syllabus content is below. Course Duration: 1 week Tuition Fee is INCLUDED in Day Skipper and Yacht Master Coastal Courses.

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